Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newbury Book: Bud, Not Buddy

Citation: Curtis, C. P. (2004). Bud, not Buddy. New York: Laurel Leaf.


1. What did you like or dislike about the book?
I liked that even though the book is set in the 30’s, there are issues that readers today could relate to. After his mother dies, he goes in search for his father, a man he has never laid his eyes on. I also like how Christopher Paul Curtis seems to capture the language and feel of the time period. Despite the bad situations Bud gets into, the author gives the reader a sense of hope.

2. What in your life may have influenced your reaction or response to this book?
I have never experienced any of the hardships that the character faced, but as I was reading the book, I know that some of my students have.

3. How would you compare this book to another book or books, or book or books by same author?

This book could be compared to The Watson’s Go to Birmingham because of the similar time periods and the dialect. The book also reminded me of the Hatchet, in that both characters faced difficulties in their struggle to survive. Other books by Curtis include Elijah Of Buxton, Mr. Chickee's Funny Money, and Mr. Chickee's Messy Mission.

4. What new thing (information or insight) did you learn about children's literature in reading this book?

I learned that some children’s literature can be “real.” This book did not sugarcoat anything. However, this showed readers that despite hardships they may face, there is still hope.

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