Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caldecott Winner: Gone Wild

Citation: McLimans, D. (2006). Gone wild. New York: Walker Books for Young Readers.

1. What did you like or dislike about the book?
I liked the book because it is a unique alphabet book. The illustrations are bold, with pictures only in black and white. Furthermore, the illustrations of the alphabet show 26 endangered animals. For example, the newt's eyes stick out slightly from the sides of N, while its tongue emerges from the lower point. An accompanying box on each page includes a small, red-and-white image of the animal plus information about its class, habitat, range, and threats to its survival. Other material includes a paragraph about each creature along with a list of Web sites for organizations that help endangered animals and books for further reading. The book could also serve as a starting point for art and design projects for students.

2. What in your life may have influenced your reaction or response to this book?
I have always liked alphabet books that have a theme. I liked that this one also included background information about each animal and websites and books for further reading. I guess my reaction was just based on being an elementary teacher and loving books that are both unique and informative.

3. How would you compare this book to another book or books, or book or books by same author?
This book reminded me of B is for Bluegrass, another alphabet book that describes all the things special about Kentucky. The author also has a similar work called Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers.

4. What new thing (information or insight) did you learn about children's literature in reading this book?
I learned about endangered animals that I did not know much about. This book also showed that books can be cute and informative. This is a very “teachable” book.

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